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Bruno Groening, Miracle Healer

By Thomas, Journey of Light Blog, CureZone.Com

A summary of his teachings concerning spiritual healing

I first heard about Bruno Groening from a friend of mine who picked up a pamphlet about him at the New York New Life Expo which was held earlier this year (2007). The pamphlet was an advertisement for the playing of a film about his life. As we were interested in the topic of spiritual healing, my friends and I decided to go see the film. This was a big commitment as it was five hours long. Although this was a long time to watch any movie, we wanted to learn more about this man who had been termed a modern day miracle healer.

The movie itself was done very well. It covered everything from his childhood to his death and all the important details in between. Combined with all of the biographical information were the most wonderful testimonials from those whom he had helped facilitate healing. It was so inspiring and heart warming to listen to people who were once crippled by illness and disease reborn into healing and health. You could hear the utter joy in their words and feel their loving energy even through the screen. It was simple amazing. Several of those who had been healed, created the Burno Groening Circle of Friends to help promote his teachings. If you’’re interested in learning about his life their English web site is: They have a lot of great information about him, his teachings, and testimonials from those who were healed. Apparently, he is one of the most highly documented healers.

The web site also talks in depth about his philosophy on healing. Basically, he believed in an all powerful healing energy that comes directly from God. He termed this the healing stream or heilstrom in German. This divine energy has been recognized by many cultures around the world and been given different names such as life force, vital energy, prana, chi, or divine power. In order to access this healing stream, one has only to tune into it. The tuning in process is similar to entering a meditative state. You first relax your body and then try to clear your mind of all distracting thoughts. Bring your attention into your body and connect with it there. Do not focus on any one particular part of the body, but instead focus on its entirety.

Bruno felt that the position of your body was also important. If possible, he recommended people sit up with their back as straight as possible. Your hands should rest in your lap palms up. The most important part is to make sure that neither your arms nor your legs are crossed in any way. He likened the human body to a battery. If the arms are crossed it can cause an electrical short in the upper body and if the legs are crossed it can cause a short in the lower body. If you are not able to sit up, you can lay down. Just make sure your palms are up and no limbs are crossed. And most importantly relax. Check in with your breathing once in a while and make sure that you are taking nice cleansing deep breaths. Don’’t try to hold your breath or unnaturally slow it down.

I actually went to an introductory meeting held by the New York branch of the Circle of Friends. At the meeting the moderator gave everyone a very helpful tool to assist in the tuning in process. She used the acronym of DARE. I guess you can think of it as DARE to heal. The DARE stands for Detach, Allow, Receive and Experience. Broken down, the detach stands for detaching from your illness. So many times when someone is sick or in dis-ease we become focused only on the illness. We allow it to become a part of us and in some instances to define us as a person. So we must detach from this illness and recognize that we no longer choose to be sick or ill. This illness no longer serves us, so we must let it go and detach. It is unfortunate, but many people have a hard time in letting go of their illness as it has served them in some way. Be true and honest with yourself. I believe that we are all creators and have created everything in our lives. If this is so and you also believe in your power of creation, than you must ask yourself why you created this illness or disease in your life. Bring the light of truth to it and set it and yourself free.

The allow part speaks to our ability to allow God to move through us and heal our bodies. Our egos are constantly fighting to stay in control. We want to be the one to heal. We want to be the ones in charge of our lives. The art of allowing can be really difficult for some as you are literally letting go and letting God. It takes a lot of trust to hand over our illness to God, but believe me that God is more than willing to take it from you. You have only to intend for it to be so. Receive is exactly that. You must be open to receive the healing energy. Remove any blocks or doubts from your mind or body that would impede the flow of loving healing energies from God. Lastly, the experience is about sitting back and noticing exactly what is going on inside your body. Feel the healing energies enter and spread throughout your entire body. It may be felt as a tingling or a warming sensation. Healing or health is not just a state of being, but rather an experience within which the healed receives the greatest freedom and joys they have ever known. Revel in the joy and happiness you receive through this healing time.

It is very important that you remember above all else that it is not you who is the healer but God. It is God who has created this healing stream and it is God who is entering your body to bring about the highest good and the highest healing. Give thanks only unto God. This was an important teaching of Bruno Groening. Many people would come up to him after being healed and give him thanks, but he told them over and over again give thanks to God for it is God who has healed you not me. With God all things are made possible, nothing is incurable. This was another important teaching of Bruno. You must believe that God is the greatest healer and that nothing is too difficult or too far gone. God along with each of us is a creator of infinite possibilities.

An important facet of this spiritual healing which Bruno taught was what he called the regulations. In essence the regulations are the pains of healing. He had found that some people during the healing process felt greater pain or an increase in severity of their symptoms. This is the same principle or idea behind what most of us know as the healing crisis. It is the crisis right before the healing. Bruno warned that it is up to the person to determine which is stronger the healing or the illness. This is the precise moment where the individual must choose whether to be continually shackled by their fears of illness and disease or be reborn in the freedom and joy of health and healing. As the knight says to Indiana Jones in the Search for the Holy Grail, ""Choose wisely.""

This is just a brief summary of some of his teachings. For a greater in depth study you should check out the web site, do some online research or even find a good book about him. My only caution would be to remember that Bruno Groening is an example of our own human potential and not another figure to be worshipped or prayed to. He was here to show us not what he was capable of but what we all are capable of within the realization of our own divine power. You and I are just as powerful as Bruno Groening or any other spiritual miracle healer that has ever existed. The only thing that limits us is us. Therefore, do not give away your power to anyone or anything whether it is a religion, a saint or a prophet. We are divine creators seeking greater unity with each other and God. We are all here to re-member this simple fact.

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So Many Paths To Healing
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An Article By Jay Kantor, Ph.D.
Healer-Therapist, Ridgewood, NJ
(201) 461-7347

The Story Behind This Article -- I wrote this article to share the story of the healing I experienced through my attendance at the North American conference of the Friends of Bruno-Groening, last December (2006) in New York.  As you will read, I had a heart-opening, life-transforming healing -- a profound shift of consciousness - which still affects me today, 7 months later.  As my heart was opened, I entered a place of Oneness that lasted for 5 months.  In this state, many things became clear to me, that I had previously only known intellectually.  I got to see myself much more clearly, and one of those insights that came quickly was the awareness of how I -- my ego -- has spent many years fearing and avoiding healing.  That is the topic of this article.  I felt it was most important to share this discovery about myself with you.  Maybe it can help you to open to one or more of the many paths to healing which surround us during this time of our lives.

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